Thursday, July 12, 2007

3 months later...

Well, I have lived in Manhattan, KS for approx 3 months now. Working in the ER I have fine tuned old skills and knowledge along with new skills and knowledge. I am enjoying working with my co workers along with the techs and physicians.

Living here for 1/4 of a year I have learned all the main streets and can communicate different locations with locals. I still do not know Aggieville like the back of my hand-but that might be a good thing! There are over 10-15 parks in Manhattan, KS and I have only been to 3. I will need to venture out to find more walking areas with our dog Regan!

The first home football game is Sept 7th. We hope to be at a family gathering this weekend, but I am excited to be among the buzz at the 2nd home game. The whole city turns purple! I am also excited to see what the holiday season does to the city streets and shops. I am looking forward to our time in this quiet yet enthusiastic town.

The one thing I miss from our home town in Wichita is the foreign films and some of the lower funded films. The movie theatre here in Manhattan uses digital "film" versus film. The benefits is an awesome picture and color. The disadvantage; not all films are digital and they can "stuff" 15-30 min. of previews and commercials prior to the movie. Oh well.

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