Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gotta love home maintenance!!! Orth Plumbing

When we bought this house we knew that the bath drain did not work, but we were content with using a rubber stopper to use the bath. Well, the week before we headed to Wtown one of the water temp knobs would turn but not turn water on. Of course it happened over the weekend. While we decided if we wanted to fix it our selves or call a plumber on Monday, Matt made a quick fix so I we could use the bath upstairs instead of the shower on the main floor.

We pulled off the access panel and realized this was a job for a plumber. The access panel did not allow us to get to the area we needed, that meant a call to Orth Plumbing!

After speaking with the owner of Orth Plumbing he told us that he could change our 3 knob into a single updated knob that would also reduce the scalding effect when someone flushes the toilet, turns on the sink, etc (3 knob and single updated knob is my version of plumber speak).
So in less than a day our shower was fixed and I was so glad we had the single handle- something I had wanted since we moved in!
When the drain part came in less than 2 days later, we had a fully functioning bath/shower! It is awesome and ready for future baby baths in the tub!

It's crazy how a little repair can make such a difference! Less time trying to balance hot and cold water with 2 knobs, now I just turn the handle where I like it and perfect temp water is awaiting me in the shower or bath!


Laura said...

The link thing didn't work. Do you Facebook? I could send you a message that way.

Becca said...

Home improvement projects, they never end, do they?