Friday, July 2, 2010

The new iPhone!

The line is long....
A kind man let me borrow his chair as needed....He ended up being a worship leader at Calvary Church in Lancaster.
We started getting closer....
We are almost there, the apple is in sight!!!

1 week ago Thursday I was off for the day and my wonderful husband went to the Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA to the Apple Store at 0930 in the morning. We had planned to go at 0600, but we decided to sleep in. So for the next 5.5 hrs we took turns staying sane while standing in line. Apple did a good job of giving us pretzels and water multiple times while waiting in line. While in line I took a break to go get a few summer shirts at Motherhood Maternity. When I got back one of the guys in front of us offered me his lawn chair, I was very grateful. After multiple breaks to the restroom for both of us we arrived into the apple store and bought my new iPhone at 1355 (1:55 PM). I have ordered bumper and screen protector that is shipped enroute to our house!

I am still learning all the ends and outs of the phone and all it's apps- but I am enjoying it! I just hope I don't drop it while it doesn't have a case :)


Becca said...

I am so proud of you for standing in the lines, but I am so glad that my phone is a 3gs. No issues with it!

Devion said...

You. Are. Crazy. You could not have waited a bit to avoid the lines?!? :) You know I love you and your crazy self! Hope you're feeling well and enjoying the sunshine! How 'bout an update on YOU sometime?!?

Jen said...

I waited in line with Travis for ours - we got there at 0630 and we were out of there by 0810.

I am not a good wait-er. I was pretty grumbly about the whole thing.

We should face-chat sometime! (I personally think that is the coolest thing about the iPhone4.)

Glad to see you smiling in the pictures! :D I had a frown the whole time. :P